I just want you to be happy

I remember when I first started as a trainer, I just wanted to smash everyone!

If you couldn’t move the next day that was a good thing!

I would add cardio by the bucket load.

I pretty much based my coaching on cardio then more cardio


Have things changed!!!

Now as I get older, I want to help people live a healthy life!

To be happy

To be healthy

To feel good about yourself

I know how important it is to lift weights!

To watch what you eat!

To keep moving!

To sleep better!

To stress less!

I’ve experienced an amazing journey through my life so far!

You might not know that I’ve survived ….



Over exercising

Over eating

Under eating

Thyroid issues

Women’s problems


…… to name just a few 🙏

So, for me I chose to be healthy to help continue feeling amazing.

I’m excited to be making some changes with my business to help others also feel amazing.

To focus on a healthier, you as you get older… yet feel younger!!!

It’s time for you to look after yourself!